21 Mistakes Western Maryland First Time Home Buyers Make.

  • Not checking and working on obtaining a higher credit score months/years prior to buying.
  • Shopping for a home before shopping for a loan.
  • Not knowing what your market is doing or having unrealistic expectations via online home valuation sites (i.e. Trulia or Zillow).
  • Not knowing all the costs associated with buying a home. (Appraisal fee, credit report fee, property taxes, homeowner’s insurance fees, notary fees, loan application fees, escrow fees, inspection fee, moving costs, increased cost of living…)
  • Spending the maximum amount you have been approved for on housing.
  • Going to the ‘listing’ agent for advice/information on a home.
  • Underestimating the importance of location.
  • Using all of your savings for down payment.
  • Not being clear on Needs vs. Wants with your real estate professional.
  • Choosing the wrong mortgage products for your needs.
  • Not considering resale value.
  • Being too picky or lacking vision for the house’s potential.
  • Assuming you will be able to “renovate on a budget” like on HGTV.
  • Not reading the HOA documents.
  • Making big purchases/changes before closing.
  • Waiving the home inspection.
  • Falling in love with a house /getting too attached before any paperwork has been submitted.
  • Not moving quickly enough on writing an offer and losing the home to another buyer.
  • Trusting verbal agreements.
  • Expect the home to always appreciate in value.
  • Not choosing a Carter & Roque Real Estate professional to represent you


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