Why ‘Drive By’?

id-100201956-1You want me to do what? Why?

Yep, your agent wants to do a total ex-boyfriend style, lurker mode, “drive by” on the homes you pick out before our showing appointments. Of course that does not mean we want you to park outside and stalk the current family living there for heavens sake.  They just want you to do a slow roll to check out the general setting, location, neighborhood and exterior condition and get some first impressions. And yeah, we guess it is a little awkward, but by being physically there, you will quickly be able to decide if you do or definitely don’t like a home.

I can hear you saying it already, “but you shouldn’t judge a book by its cover!”  Your mother taught you well, but I can also remember the countless times I have overheard clients say, “Well, that doesn’t look like the picture. Are you sure that’s the same home?”  Keep in mind that real estate agents don’t usually post the ‘undesirable’ angles of their listing and they know exactly how to make any house look appealing.  You know… the photos that show that there is a flight landing path overhead are always the first shown in the listing….right?…..right???  Driving by a home will help you decide that you can’t stand this one because the siding didn’t look vomit green in the picture or that one because the picture didn’t show that it was next door to a waste water treatment plant. We may be able to cut a few off of your ‘long list’ of potential homes simply because the exterior circumstances of the home do not appeal to you.  After all, why would I want to waste your time showing you a house you know you already dislike? Trust me, if I think it’s a ‘good book with a slightly blemished cover’, I will probably suggest we take a look anyway just to be on the safe side.

Warning! Please exercise caution when doing drive by’s; don’t block traffic, keep your eyes on the road and don’t do any ‘excessive driving by’ because “my Realtor told me to” will not be a valid excuse if an officer pulls you over for being a safety hazard.

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