I sat down with owners of Carter & Roque Real Estate, Donny Carter and Meg Roque to ask 5 important questions home sellers should be asking their listing agents.

Q.1- How long have you been in business?

A-     Carter and Roque Real Estate proudly opened the doors to their first office in March of 2011. Although the company has not been in business for more than a couple years, the seasoned agents of Carter & Roque Real Estate have over 150 years of combined experience in the business of real estate. Many of Carter & Roque’s agents have certifications and designations as well as belonging to associations that puts their talents far beyond that of a normal agent including: Council of Residential Specialists, National Association of Realtors® and Historic Highlands Association of Realtors.

Q.2- How does your marketing strategy meet my needs?

A-     Carter & Roque Real Estate employs a mix of tried and true methods as well as a high tech, novel approaches to actively and aggressively market their client’s listings.  Carter & Roque has found that mixing electronic marketing, print ads and physical mailers combined with targeted blogging, social media and mobile communication is the best way to market homes in our area.  This method does not waist time marketing to those who are not currently looking for a home; rather it focuses on drawing in those actively seeking properties to your listing.

Q.3- What are the top three things that separate you from competitors?

A-     First, Carter & Roque Real Estate’s Motto says it all; “Your Hometown Real Estate Company”.  Carter & Roque provides each person with a level of service, integrity and honesty that they would provide to their own family members.  It’s a commitment to deliver on promises, go the extra mile and exceed your needs.

Second, Carter & Roque agents are assertive and strong negotiators, yet they are able to maintain an analytical and positive disposition through trying circumstances to make all transactions easy and effortless for you.

Last- Carter and Roque’s “ace in the hole” is not just their fantastic hand-picked agents, but a whole team of dedicated and diligent employees working behind the scenes to make sure you and your home have the best opportunities in our market. Employing a full time marketing coordinator ensures your home gets seen by as many potential buyers as possible, leaving your agent available to you and whoever wants to see your home.

Q.4- Will you help me through the whole process?

A-     It’s Carter & Roque Real Estate’s job to make sure you are not only getting the best deal but to also be your trusted adviser through the transaction and beyond.  Carter & Roque agents take their time to review all documents in plain English and make sure you feel comfortable and secure with each signature.  They will introduce you to other professionals they work with (and why they chose them) such as mortgage brokers, title companies, attorney and home inspectors. Unlike so many other “quick turnover” agents, Carter & Roque agents listen to find out what your needs are and then guide you in the best direction possible. Best yet, Carter & Roque wants that relationship to reach far beyond the purchase or sale of a building; they are not only your agent but also your neighbors.

Q.5- What kind of guarantee does Carter & Roque Real Estate have?

A-     Carter & Roque agents are motivated to sell your home as quickly and for the best price possible not only because their paycheck depends on it, but more importantly their reputation depends on it. A referral from a past client is the biggest compliment any Realtor® can receive, and that’s Carter & Roque Real Estate’s guarantee – to be a business that you will have no regrets using and happily tell your friends about.


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