10 of Our Best House Hunting Tips

  1. Think about house hunting before or after the “peak” season. Your agent will have more time to spend with you.
  2. Do a “drive-by” of the long list of properties before you schedule showings. Sometimes you can eliminate some just by driving by and looking at the exterior.
  3. Figure out what neighborhood you like by visiting them at different hours of the day/night. Maybe not at 3am, but the area may be very different on weekends and after 5pm.
  4. Pay attention to school districts even if you don’t have school aged children. This can really affect resale value, and someday you may want to sell it.
  5. Don’t be too restrictive on your search criteria.
  6. Bring a notebook and a pen to write questions for later.
  7. Bring a digital camera/camera phone to jog your memory about each home you visit. Begin each set of pictures with the home address.
  8. Wear comfortable shoes that are easy to take off. It’s always courteous to remove your shoes when going in someone’s home.
  9. Try to look past the aspects you can change and focus on size, space and layout. Orange shag carpet can easily be replaced!
  10. Lift up area rugs and open cupboards & closets. You’re not snooping, you are looking at space and condition.

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