3 C’s of Home Selling

We asked our very own home staging professional and Realtor®, Diana Iman, what are the most important things to remember when getting your home ready to put on the market.  She introduced us to the 3 “C”s of home staging:  Clean, Clutter and Color.


Clean: We have all been there… we walk into friends or neighbors home and think to ourselves, “How much time it would take me to clean up the mess?”  This is exactly how a prospective buyer sees it, “I’m going to have to put a lot of work into this place to get it in shape!”  It is no wonder that the 1st and most important of the C’s is clean. Doing a deep and thorough cleaning of your pre-market home will not only give it that extra sparkle but it will also remove some odors and put you on the right path to tackle our next “C”.

Clutter: As most of you know already, one of the purposes of staging is giving potential buyers the ability to see themselves in that space. Everyone has items with memories attached or things with sentimental value displayed throughout our homes; After all it’s what makes your home unique. By clearing spaces that are full of these types of distractions you allow that person to “move in” in their mind. The goal is to remove as many personal items and unnecessary decorations without making the room seem empty. In the process you will make the space appear bigger and more organized.  Not to mention, boxing up those items will also give you a head start on packing for moving day.

Color: This can be a tricky one. Strategically placed color can give house shoppers visual cues, like how relaxing a pace is or highlight the house’s best features.  Selling time is not the best opportunity to showcase your daring personal taste, nor is it the best time to paint every wall in your home beige.  If a room in your home has a bold statement color on the walls (let’s say bright purple because it’s your favorite) it may be wise to change it to something that would appeal to a broader spectrum of house shoppers. However if the green wall you just painted in the family room perfectly complements the honey oak floors, you may want to consider leaving it.  It is wise to have an honest and frank discussion about color with your friends, family or better yet, a Realtor® or professional home stager.

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