Homes Close to Frostburg State University

houseThe neighborhoods that surround Frostburg State University have a personality all their own.  There are several types of homes close to Frostburg State University. Whether you are looking for a student rental, income property or a full time residence they are all blended in the area surrounding FSU’s campus.

Student Housing: If your college bound co-ed is uninterested in FSU’s residence halls there are many student rental options within walking distance to FSU and most are maintained by local property management companies.  Many of these “semesterly” rental homes have a maximum occupancy of 4 students due to the recently released rental code in 2012.*  Frostburg’s Main Street & Historic District are located just blocks from FSU’s  campus, allowing students to live, work and play all within the same short distance.

Income Property : You may be looking to invest in property to flip, rehab or become a landlord and the communities surrounding the Frostburg State University are an ideal place to start, just be sure to check for any local ordinances. Of the 5700+ students in attendance at FSU only about 48% live on campus, providing a steady stream of rental seeking students. Many of the properties surrounding FSU have been converted to student rentals but there are even some opportunities (other than student housing) available.

Permanent Residence: Although most of the areas’ student renters are courteous and responsible neighbors many buyers avoid purchasing family homes in the areas that have seen an influx of students.  My advice to you is not to pass up a beautiful home just because it is close to FSU. Not every renter throws keg parties, in fact the majority of these houses are managed by reputable companies who do not want to see their investment trashed.  Generally the students who seek off campus are mostly mature young adults, ready to control and respect their own space and “bad” neighbors will be gone in a matter of months.

If you have any questions about Homes close to Frostburg State University, please contact us for a free, no obligation conversation about your housing needs at 301-689-0100 or visit us at

*(unless grandfathered in)

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