Frostburg one of the Best in the Nation for First Time Home Buyers!

     Frostburg Maryland has ranked #315 out of 30,000 in LendEDU’s newest report recognizing the best U.S. cities for first time home buyers!

     The report used licensed data from Onboard Informatics and Experian’s Premier Aggregated Credit StatisticsSM dataset to evaluate over 30,000 U.S. towns and cities.  The study used a unique scoring method to narrow the final list down to the 500 places most conducive for first time home buyers. Cities were judged on a 100 point scale with a higher score meaning a better ranking.  To develop that score, a multitude of parameters were evaluated for each town and city, including:

     With the highest score in the report being 87.56, Frostburg scored a 75.37 and was the only Maryland city or town to rank on this survey. Let’s give some kudo’s to Frostburg!

The full report and methodology can be found here:


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