Lakewood, Ridgeley

Lakewood is a scenic 940 acre area surrounding a mountain lake in the rolling hills of West Virginia.  Often referred to as “a vacation place to call home”, it is a private residential community that feels more like a retreat destination.  Rolling tree lined streets and shimmering lake views welcome you home every day. Located just 5 miles from the City of Cumberland and 21 miles north of Keyser, this neighborhood is an ideal spot to get away from the hustle and bustle of life, but still be close to everything.

Lakewood (2)

Three continuous miles of white sandy shoreline allows the residents of Lakewood to enjoy a plethora of recreational activities.  Swimming, sailing, fishing and even power-boating are some of the great options for summer enthusiasts. If you are more of the ‘view appreciating’ sort, finding a shady site to have a picnic or soaking in some sun on the beach are no problem. Ice skating and backpacking can also be enjoyed through the colder months.

Homes in this prestigious neighborhood are mostly upper end.  Homes in the Lakewood show pride of ownership and the majority are meticulously kept. There are many open areas between homes and plenty of room for development without compromising the organic feel this neighborhood has. In order to preserve home investments and foster community in Lakewood, there is a property owners association and a protective deed of covenants for all residents.

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