Deep Creek Lake Area

Located in Garret County MD, the Deep Creek Area encompasses many towns including McHenry, Oakland, Swanton and Mountain Lake Park.  These diverse communities surround Maryland’s largest man-made freshwater lake. The 3,900-acre ‘Deep Creek’ Lake has 65 miles of shoreline and is nestled in the Allegheny Mountains 2,466 feet above sea level just west of the eastern continental divide.


Forested slopes and the highest point in Maryland rise all around the area to peaks in excess of 3,000 feet adding to its picturesque qualities. Deep Creek summers are significantly cooler than in the surrounding lowlands. Because of the elevation, spring arrives a little later and the forests shine with brilliant green. Autumn comes a little earlier, and the foliage is an eruption of red, gold, russet, and tans.

The unique geography of Deep Creek enables it to offer an abundance of outdoor activities as well as spectacular views. Lake visitors can enjoy a marina, a state park and the Wisp Ski Resort which is a popular vacation destination year round. Along with skiing (snow and water), snow tubing, boating, camping, hiking, educational nature programs, bird watching, adventure tours,  expeditions and a nature center, Deep Creek would be any outdoor enthusiast’s paradise.

Deep Creek is also home to many specialty restaurants, cultural festivals, live entertainment, fairs, and numerous cultural activities like the gathering of the Scottish clans.  For the less outdoorsy type, the Deep Creek area is a great place to shop, dine, relax and simply unwind.

With unbelievable views and limitless pastimes and amusements the Deep Creek area is the perfect destination for your next dream home or vacation property.  Shop Now!

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