Bedford, PA

Bedford is located in picturesque South-Central Pennsylvania. Incorporated in 1795, Bedford was a frontier military post for many years and the (now reconstructed) Fort Bedford served as a refuge against French soldiers and hostile Native Americans. The town is historically significant as George Washington called almost 13,000 militiamen to Bedford during the Whiskey Rebellion to make a statement against impending anarchy and a rebel uprising.


Medical hot springs and a new spa built in 1804 drew many notable people to the area including several presidents and congressmen. In fact, President James Buchanan made the Bedford Springs Hotel his “summer White House” and made the first trans-Atlantic cable message from his room in 1858.

Everyone is welcome at the annual Bedford County Fair where locals can exhibit their 4-H projects, ride rides, play games, and watch demolition derbies on a the speedway. Bedford’s annual Fall Foliage Festival attracts people from many miles around to see the celebration and awe at Mother Nature’s grandeur. Bedford is also home to several resorts that boast spas, golfing, hiking, kayaking, horseback riding, skiing, snow tubing, ice skating, and wine tasting.

Bedford citizens are very friendly; in fact, many families reside here from generation to generation. Among many other employment opportunities, Bedford has both a Wal-Mart and REI distribution center close to its location, providing employment to many people in Bedford and the surrounding areas. With so many special events and entertainment, Bedford is a great place to live, work, and play.

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